Ana Badillo

How i became a Professional photographer in Cabo?

Ana Badillo Cabo Photographer Wedding & Engagements. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Hi again, if you read the first paragraph at the first page and you want more information you are in the correct place.

My story begins at high school in Mexico (we called Preparatoria). At 15 years old I received a phone call from my aunt Gilda and told me if I wanted to go on summer vacations to work with her as a 2nd photographer and I said yes! So from 15 to 22 years old I was traveling in summer vacations to work with my aunt. I promised to go to Cabo to live and start my photography passion. (But this is the general schema)

When I was 17 I knew a guy (Frank) and he really put my world upside down. He was and is so funny, educated, and handsome. He told me that he speak 3 languages: Spanish, English & Love. (And I used to said him that the third he could only speaks it whit me) Well, for the first date he ask me to go to the movie theater, but that never happened. We stayed outside of a butchery at 10 pm, we were there for 3 hours getting to know each other. We were so different in most of the topics but it was like a magnet, we felt such a strong attraction. (Better than Titanic the movie) Next day we are officially in a relationship.

At the beginning of the relationship, I told him that I would have to leave town when I finished my university. (In my fantasies when the times come he will follow me to the airport and stop me to take the plane). He agreed with that. I have to say, time passes really fast. And 2 days after my graduation dance I had to fly to my new adventure.

Frank followed me. He left his graphic design work there. And he told me he only wanted to be with me, he missed me so much. (Like pride & prejudice romantic part but without rain) He stayed 3 months sleeping in my aunt’s living room, working day and night just to be with me. Then he rented a place and a little bit after he asked to me the big question and I said yes. We married in Cabo (at Cabo del Sol) and married at Sonora (Catedral church and the Party at Salon ROJO)

At that time we decided to open ANA BADILLO PHOTOGRAPHY, using my passion for photography and his computer skills too. OMG. (We are like coffee and cream, or popcorn and butter) that happened in 2014.

Making awesome portraits photos for the most beautiful brides. Taking dramatic expressions of love, happiness and romance. Through my lens I’m writing the most complete love story that you will remember every time you want.

Epic is the word that describes my service, every time I do a wedding my commitment will be better than the last. So each wedding our technique grows with the time pass.

I know the wedding is one of the most important moments in life, because I was there, being nervous to get all things perfect, so the love of my life looked me in the best version of me. There is so much love involved in crossing your roads and that special moment happens on the big day. Be prepared with the wedding experts.