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Cabo Beach Engagement

Beach Engagement in Cabo

Beach Engagement in Cabo

Make the next step is without any doubt a huge adventure, since looking for the correct ring, to how you gonna do the big question, that’s the reason we give you the next recommendations for your photos, doesn’t matters if is for proposal or commitment, to announce this increible notice, and the best places to do your unique photos in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.

The most beautiful beaches are in Cabo San Lucas, but is not just that, it has places like restaurants, streets, walls, parks, flora.. that gonna make so special your photo session, here i will tell you with a little list of places that we highly recommend:

Cabo San Lucas

*Mi Casa, Restaurant Cabo San Lucas

* Sunset Monalisa

* Misiones beach

* Down Town at Cabo san lucas


San José del Cabo

* Mi Casa, Restaurant San Jose del cabo

* Palmilla Beach

* Downtown at San Jose


As a bonus one of the places that is not at Los Cabos, but is like 40min in car is Todos Santos Town, this place is for the people who likes the traditional architecture, full of colorful places and landscapes that will reflect the antique Mexico, if you want something different this is the place for you.

7 advantage doing beach engagement photos ​


  1. Doing your engagement session at the beach is always a good decision.

  2. That will help you, to know your photographer before your wedding.

  3.  Is a fun and awesome way to notice your family and friends.

  4. You can use your engagement photos for your invitations.

  5. You can print a big frame for the reception table of your wedding.

  6. You can put it in a slideshow video on your wedding day.

  7. When your mom or dad asks when you’re gonna get serious? you can show the photos CAPOWWW!!!